Supporting marginalized communities are under threat everywhere

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Bringing Together Like Minded Supporters of Marginalized Communities & Individuals To Build A Safer and More Inclusive World

  • Greetings everyone! I'm Malcolm. Where do I begin? I am a retired teacher of visually impaired junior high through high school students. Being visually impaired myself, I believe I had a knack for it. I was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and lived and taught most of my adult life in the city of New Orleans. Being in the Big Easy and being blind was not always easy, but my students often made my days seem brighter because their young lives were often more challenging than my own.

    I made it a habit to travel whenever I could to experience as much of the world as possible. Now that I am retired, I get to travel farther and experience different cultures for longer periods. These trips have presented me with many amazing opportunities to embrace and learn from other cultures. Some experiences have been hard-hitting lessons and reminders of how fortunate I truly am, given my few challenges.

    One memorable visit was the year I spent with my  business partner in Manila. The Philippines is truly a remarkable chain of islands. The beauty of the islands and the absolute unrestrained hospitality of the Filipino people are experiences to behold and share. The sea views and mountain vistas in such proximity were breathtaking, no matter what perspective you held. Being blind, I prefer to walk as much as I can, as I miss many things when confined in a car. My business partner and I would often walk day and night to take in the sounds, smells, and palpable energy of the city. My business partner would describe to me the sights to match the sensory experiences on our daily strolls. We learned much on these walks—what the city had to offer, what it still needed, and who were the most at risk and marginalized.

    I want to return and, in some way, contribute to the hopes of a better future for those who deserve a chance to live a life they may not have thought possible. The challenge was how to develop a project that would not require annual cycles of fundraising and donations, only to repeat the process the following year. And just like that, The RainBowNavy was born—a commercial not-for-profit enterprise maximizing the high points of the city's robust entertainment, travel, and tourism market to benefit a segment of the population often overlooked. It's not an unproven social outreach or business model. I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel, just bring a wheel to a new city and community that could benefit from its presence. This will be a one-time ask to establish a perpetual income that local marginalized communities will benefit from. With a little help from you, we can create something that will keep on giving.

Supporting marginalized communities are under threat everywhere

Meet The Crew

Crew Members Dedicated To The Mission of Making A Better Tomorrow For Others.

Reymark Gahol Estabillo

Future Director of restaurant Operations & Hospitality Director

My name is Reymark G. Estabillo you can call me mark. I'm 20 years old I'm originally from San Luis Batangas, Philippines and now I'm in Bato Leyte, still studying at Bato Institute of science and technology taking  Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management I'm third year now.  I really want to be a Chef. My father work at construction worker and my mother's leave me and my family in my last year of high school. I have 2 sisters, I am the second of three children. My eldest sister, 6 years older, graduated collage last month and my 15 year old youngest sister attends highschool and lives in the province with my father. Going to college in the Philippines is difficult, to be closer to school, save money of travel I live with my Grand parents in Cebu.Mr Malcolm assists me with school expenses when he can. He even helped pay for my sisters graduation last month.I hope that Mr Malcolm is successful in starting this project because he will be able to help me with the rest of my school expenses bit also give me a chance to build my career and my future.

Melai Verzosa

Future Chief Employee Resources officer & Chief Marketing Officer

Hello Rainbow Family my name is Melai Verzosa. I am 34 years old and I'm from the philippines.Life in the Philippine is often difficult I lost my Mothers when I was just 9 years old, from asthma. When I was 13 my father was a victim of an alcohol related accident.As the eldest in my family it became my duty to help provide for my younger brothers and sisters.Because of these challenges I only finished 1st year of high school due to financial problems. I started working in the public markets selling plastic and paper bags to provide for myself and save to send money to my siblings. I was fortunate to meet Mr Malcolm. He helped me, first he helped pay for my job training and then gave me a job.Mr. Malcolm offered me a safe home and he made sure that I could get all of my important legal documents.He made it possible for me to get new clothes, medicines I needed and for the first time in my life I went to the dentist.I am always thankful for him and his desire to help people like me and I hope I have the chance to continue with him and his new project TheRainBowNavy

Affan Afandy

Future Chief Management  Officer

Hello, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Mohammad Efendi and you can call me Affan Affandy.I am 36 year old and raised in Indonesia, specifically in Lumajang - East Java. I was born from a simple family. My education is incomplete, I dropped out of school in second grade due to the family's unfavorable economic situation. Since I left school young, I have been working and helping out My mother, because my father died when I was still in the second grade of elementary school. Since my father's father's death, things have changed and the family's economy has also slumped. My mother used to work hard to meet her daily needs and family. We lost my Mother on 30 March 2023 at the age of 80. I find myself alone in the world and that is not always easy but I try to survive. I have met a few great people who truly care and have offered to help, like Mr Malcolm, he is like a father to me he helps when he can and says he wishes he was able to do more. He and his family have offered me the chance to work, a home while I go to school, finish my education and see me go to college. I hope our project is successful and I can have a better future that I hope for.

Alvin Rosales Bolo

Future chief Hotel Operations Officer

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