Frequently Asked Questions

What is TheRainBowNavy project?

TheRainBowNavy is a groundbreaking not-for-profit initiative aimed at strengthening marginalized communities in Manila, Philippines. Our primary focus is to launch a yacht that will serve as a social and entertainment hub, promoting inclusivity, sustainable tourism, and empowerment of marginalized individuals.

How will my donation be used?

Your donation will directly contribute to the purchase and refurbishment of TheRainBowNavy yacht, ensuring a sustainable source of income for local marginalized communities. Funds will also support the relocation of the yacht to its new home, purchase and installation of Green Tech features, initial staff training for their respective jobs, Safety Training (STCW), and their receiving their Seaman's Book.

What are the long-term sustainability plans for TheRainBowNavy?

The project's sustainability is built on a one-time ask to establish a perpetual income stream. TheRainBowNavy aims to generate revenue through tourism, events, and onboard services to fund ongoing support for marginalized communities in Manila. COVID showed us the importance of a reserve to address needs when outside influences might impact revenue generation, so if there is a slowdown affecting income, our staff and scholarship recipients will have sustained support during that period.

How can I get involved beyond donating?

We welcome volunteers and collaborators who can contribute their skills, expertise, and passion to organize events, develop programs, and foster collaborations. Your active involvement is essential in creating a vibrant and inclusive space on TheRainBowNavy yacht.

Can I receive rewards for my donation?

Yes, we offer rewards to our donors and supporters. Depending on your contribution level, you may receive free or discounted onboard products and services, as well as products and services from our local partners.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

TheRainBowNavy operates as a Not-For-Profit, not a non-profit, which means we cannot offer a tax credit or tax rebate. However, your contribution helps create a positive impact on marginalized communities, supports various initiatives, and donors receive rewards.

How will TheRainBowNavy benefit marginalized communities in Manila?

The project's goals include providing education scholarships, employment opportunities, medical grants, and community support to marginalized individuals. It aims to foster greater inclusivity, economic empowerment, and strengthen the foundations of local marginalized communities.

What measures are in place to ensure transparency and accountability?

We are committed to transparency. Regular updates, financial reports, and progress updates will be shared with our supporters. We believe in accountability and ensuring that donations are used for their intended purpose. Posts will be made to our website and the documents section of our LinkedIn profile for review. (

How can I share this campaign with my network?

You can help us by spreading awareness. Share our campaign link(s) (;;;; with your network, both locally and internationally, to help raise awareness about the challenges faced by marginalized communities in Manila and the opportunities for positive change.

What is the timeline for TheRainBowNavy project?

The timeline for the project will be detailed in our updates. We aim to launch TheRainBowNavy yacht as soon as our funding goal is reached. Regular updates will keep backers informed of our progress. We will post milestones achieved on our website and LinkedIn profile as well as share them on Facebook, Threads, and Twitter (now X).

Where does one find TheRainbowNavy on the internet?

Risks & Challenges

As we embark on the journey to bring TheRainBowNavy to life, it's essential to acknowledge the potential hurdles we may encounter along the way. While our mission is noble and our goals are clear, like any ambitious endeavor, there are risks and challenges that require our attention and strategic planning. In this section, we will explore these factors, demonstrating our commitment to transparency, adaptability, and our determination to overcome obstacles as we strive to uplift and empower marginalized communities in Manila.

Financial Sustainability:

One of the primary challenges for a not-for-profit enterprise like TheRainBowNavy is ensuring financial sustainability. Relying on a one-time ask to establish perpetual income can be risky, and there's always a possibility of financial shortfalls in the future. The initial plan was developed to minimize shortfalls and to build in measures that would enhance our financial viability by making some initial investments in improvements that would pay dividends well into the future. Our one-time ask takes these costs into consideration as part of the initial budget.

Operational Costs:

Operating and maintaining a yacht can be expensive. The ongoing costs of staffing, maintenance, and overheads must be carefully managed to ensure that the project remains financially viable. The vessel chosen greatly aids our effort to minimize the operational cost factors. Our selected vessel is large enough to support our operational needs but small enough to minimize overall expenses. Technical upgrades ensure operational cost savings well into the future.

Market Competition:

The entertainment, travel, and tourism market can be highly competitive. Attracting tourists and maintaining a steady flow of customers to the yacht may require significant marketing efforts and strategies to stand out. Metro Manila has a population of 13.48 million residents. Manila also boasts a large, vibrant, and active community of marginalized individuals. If that community is calculated at just 5% of the overall population, that is a local customer base of 674,000, not including visiting tourists. While there are many nightclubs, restaurants, and bars in Manila, there are only a handful that cater specifically to marginalized communities. In Metro Manila, this will make TheRainBowNavy a unique and attractive venue to locals and tourists alike.

Sustainability and Environmental Concerns:

While the project aims to be eco-friendly, there may be challenges in ensuring the yacht's continued use of renewable energy components and green fuels. Environmental regulations and changing consumer preferences can also impact the project. The primary use of green tech on the our chosen vessel focuses on the reduction in the use of electricity produced from fossil fuels. This is its most significant environmental impact since TheRainBowNavy is expected to operate dockside yet off the grid. Additional modification of our diesel generators and engines allows us to use biofuels for electrical production and propulsion, thereby converting some of our own waste products into usable fuel. So changes in consumer preferences will have little to no effect on electricity consumption and propulsion on the "Lil Woody."

Community Engagement:

Engaging with the local marginalized communities and ensuring their active involvement and benefit from the project can be challenging. Building trust and understanding the community's specific needs is crucial. As stated before, Metro Manila has a large, vibrant, and very active community of marginalized individuals. There are ample opportunities to engage and embrace the community in a collective partnership to build a better future and leave a strong legacy.

Political and Legal Factors:

As a not-for-profit with the flexibility to support political candidates and initiatives, TheRainBowNavy may encounter political and legal challenges, especially in regions where the rights of marginalized individuals are a sensitive issue. We are sensitive to the impact of politics on business and marginalized communities too. We live in a time that we cannot just sit idly by as the world revolves around us. TheRainBowNavy can participate in candidate or legislative support without planting our flag in the middle of an issue or a campaign. In the end, our efforts in this area are about supporting issues that support marginalized communities, and that does not require us placing our name on anything directly. TheRainBowNavy can be just as impactful and effective without ever broadcasting our contributions, so long as we remain within the bounds of guidelines regulating such activities.

Fundraising and Donor Fatigue:

Over time, fundraising for the same cause can lead to donor fatigue. Maintaining a steady stream of donations and support for the project may require creative approaches. We are sensitive to donor expectations and limitations. No matter how committed to supporting marginalized communities or the environment, there are always limits to what they can contribute. It is the primary reason why we sought a one-time fundraising campaign and committed ourselves to perpetual reinvestment back into the project to maintain our commitment to the communities we support.

Community Acceptance:

The project's success also depends on the acceptance and support of the local community, including businesses and residents in the Manila area. Metro Manila is 86% Catholic, and while the residents have strong religious foundations, 78% of the population see marginalized communities in a positive manner. That said, marginalized communities still lack greatly in some significant areas. The mostly young people, who fall into this category, are expected to be the larger share of recipients benefiting from TheRainBowNavy outreach.

Global and Economic Factors:

Economic downturns or global events like pandemics can impact tourism and discretionary spending, potentially affecting the project's revenue stream. We believe COVID taught us all a valuable lesson in the management of money, and just as families may cut back on discretionary spending, TheRainBowNavy would likely have to do the same too. In addition, we shall establish a fund, a set aside, to bolster our bottom line during such times. This will help see us through while still maintaining the financial commitments already engaged, support our staff, and maintain the valuable experience they have and that we have already invested in.

Project Management:

Effective project management is essential. Ensuring that the project stays on track, meets its goals, and fulfills its promises to donors and the community is a critical challenge. I think we have demonstrated above that we have taken a broad approach when envisioning TheRainBowNavy. Yet we are not know-it-all type people and have already sought out key personnel to fill specific roles in our staffing. Our initial plan established the need for an Advisory Committee and Steering/Nominating Committee, and our website clearly broadcasts who those individuals are and where TheRainBowNavy is in finding those collaborating members. This will greatly free our hands so that we review day-to-day operations but maintain a strong focus on the impact TheRainBowNavy is having to ensure that we, TheRainBowNavy and donors, arrive where we anticipate being, in a timely manner and on or under budget.