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Building new businesses for a stronger community

Donations, contributions, and profits of our modest project will be re-invested back into marginalized communities

  • Reinvestment in Marginalized communities

    The social and economic outreach element of TheRainBowNavy will provide members of marginalized communities a place to turn for funding assistance. This will strengthen marginalized communities and assist our allies. These funds will be managed and distributed by community leaders through a re-investment steering committee. These grants will be issued to qualified individuals based on need and selected by the steering committee. Fifty percent (50%) of TheRainBowNavy profits will be dedicated to this specific purpose.

The Rainbow Navy

Acknowledging the Need for Legal Assistance

Donations, contributions, and profits of our modest project will be re-invested back into marginalized communities

  • Continued Commitment to Fund

    TheRainbowNavy will commit twenty percent (20%) of our profits to provide legal assistance,  Legal assistance impact grants, to marginalized individuals and communities, including help with name changes, marker changes, and other legal matters that impact their lives. These grants will be issued to qualified individuals based on need and selected by the steering committee.

The Rainbow Navy

Addressing the medical needs of the community

Donations and profits reinvested in marginalized communities

  • Medical Outreach

    TheRainbowNavy is committed to donate twenty percent (20%) of annual profits to directly support medical outreach.  TheRainBowNavy's Medical Assistance Grants program is designed to provide financial support to individuals who are in need of medical, pharmacological or counseling assistance related to their gender identity or sexual orientation and other general medical needs.  This program is open to marginalized individuals living in Manila and beyond. Our program is open to all marginalized individuals, regardless of age, race, or nationality, and we strive to create a welcoming and supportive environment for all applicants.  These grants will be issued to qualified individuals based on need and selected by the steering committee.

The Rainbow Navy

Giving that Protects marginalized communities

Recognize The Need For legislative Support

  • legislative outreach

    Non Profits are prohibited from engaging in politics and from making political donations. Whereas Not-For-Profit ventures, such as our own, are not held to such restrictions. As a Not-For-Profit TheRainbowNavy is committed to donate upto ten percent (10%) of annual profits to directly support causes that advance and or defend the rights of the members of marginalized communities and our allies

  • Just a simple reminder to those in Leadership Positions of the financial strength of marginalized individuals and our ability to leverage that financial capital into community supporting action...!!!


Project Goals:

  • Raise $5,475,000 to purchase and refurbish TheRainBowNavy mini cruise ship.

  • Establish an ongoing revenue stream to support marginalized communities.

  • Provide employment and education opportunities to create financial independence for Filipino youth.

  • Strengthen the foundations of marginalized communities through enhanced economic resources and support.

  • Maintain our rewards program with our donors and supporters through discounts on onboard services or nearby local service partners.

Campaign Highlights:

Our campaign for TheRainBowNavy is more than just a project; it's a beacon of hope, a symbol of unity, and a testament to the power of community-driven change. As we dive into the heart of our initiative, let's explore the exciting highlights that define our journey. These highlights represent not just our goals, but the tangible steps we're taking to create a lasting impact. From transforming a mini cruise ship into a vibrant social hub to promoting sustainable tourism and empowering marginalized individuals, our campaign is a multi-faceted approach to positive change. Join us as we delve into the details of how TheRainBowNavy will make waves of transformation in Manila.

  • TheRainBowNavy Mini Cruise Ship: Purchase and transform a mini cruise ship into a vibrant social hub that caters to international tourists, showcasing the best of Filipino hospitality and culture. The mini cruise ship will host events, parties, and cultural exchanges, serving as a safe and inclusive space for all. Our transformation will include the installation of renewable energy components which make our boat completely green, off-grid when docked and employ green fuels when in transit.

  • Outdoor Music Performances: TheRainBowNavy's floating island paradise, featuring two stunning stages and a diverse lineup of world-class performers captivating over 7,500 attendees. Enjoy a vibrant atmosphere with dozens of food and craft vendors offering exotic flavors and unique treasures. Experience an unforgettable celebration where music meets the sea, creating magical moments under the stars.

  • Sustainable Tourism: Promote responsible and inclusive tourism by offering international visitors the chance to engage with local marginalized communities and experience the richness of Filipino culture. The proceeds from tourism activities will be dedicated to empowering marginalized communities.

  • Empowering Marginalized Communities: Through the revenue generated by TheRainBowNavy, we will invest in programs and initiatives that provide support, resources, and opportunities to marginalized individuals. This includes legal services, educational training, and employment assistance, fostering greater inclusivity and economic empowerment through impact grants issued to recipients who will open businesses that directly support marginalized communities.

  • Education Scholarships: A significant portion of the perpetual income generated will be allocated towards scholarships for Filipino youth from marginalized communities. By supporting up to six students in our first year, we aim to provide them with the opportunity to attend college and achieve greater financial independence. TheRainBowNavy intends to add six to eight students every year thereafter to broaden our efforts to strengthen marginalized communities.

  • Not-For-Profit Operation: We opted to operate as a Not-For-Profit instead of a non-profit to retain our rights to support political candidates and initiatives that advance and protect the rights of marginalized individuals. As a Not-For-Profit, we cannot offer a tax credit or tax rebate but with the flexibility of a Not-For-Profit, we can reward donors and supporters with free and discounted onboard products and services or products and services through our local partners.

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Gentle Reminders


Subject to Availability, Some Limitations Apply:

TheRainBowNavy ("We," "Our," or "The Company") strives to provide exceptional services and accommodations for all guests. However, we would like to inform you of the following disclaimer:

    Space Availability: In the event that space on TheRainBowNavy mini cruise ship is not available at the time of your choice, we will make alternative arrangements to ensure a comparable experience for our guests. We will secure reservations at a local hotelier that offers accommodations equal to the same value and standard as TheRainBowNavy.

  Access to Products, Services, and Events: Guests housed at the alternative accommodations will still have full access to all TheRainBowNavy products, services, and events during their stay. We will ensure that you can enjoy the vibrant social hub and inclusive atmosphere that TheRainBowNavy provides, regardless of the lodging arrangements.

    Discounts and Exchange: All discounts, products, services, or accommodations offered in exchange for donations are valid for on board exchange or through our participating partners. Please note that these offerings are subject to availability and may be limited by factors beyond our control.

    Transportation Costs: The cost of transportation to or from the current port of call is not included in the donations exchange offered by TheRainBowNavy. Guests are responsible for arranging and covering their own transportation expenses.

    Liability: TheRainBowNavy and its affiliates shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect damages, losses, or inconveniences resulting from the unavailability of space on TheRainBowNavy mini cruise ship and the subsequent arrangements made for alternative accommodations. Any issues or concerns arising from the alternative accommodations should be addressed directly with the respective hotelier.

By proceeding with your reservation, donation, or acceptance of any offerings from TheRainBowNavy, you acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions mentioned in this disclaimer.

Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any further questions or require additional clarification regarding this disclaimer.

Thank you for choosing TheRainBowNavy, and we look forward to providing you with an unforgettable experience.

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